Debra Fritts


Artists Biography


As time and experience embraces me as a sculptor in clay, I feel free of art trends and fashionable art. My expression is basic yet intrigues me daily to continue this exploration of clay and the female figure. Working intuitively from pounds of wet clay, ideas develop and stories appear. These stories dwell on the mysteries and joys of life’s necessities. The search continues until I reach the core: the spiritual level of the sculpture. Then the work can speak. Sometimes combining found objects with the sculpture enhance the visual composition and gives a reference to the past.

Each sculpture is hand built, mainly using thick coils, and fired three to seven times depending on the color and surface I am trying to achieve. I approach the color on the clay as a painter. My palette is a combination of oxides, slips, underglazes, and glazes. I mix, I paint, I fire, and I never know exactly the end results.

Debra Fritts

Daffodil Dancer

ceramic and fabric
22 x 8 x 6 inches
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